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        Saturday, March 9, 2019

        Wyld Life Lock In 2019

        One of my favorite moments was when my girls first walked through the door and ran up and give me the biggest hugs! Meric

        It was really cool learning about what the Bible means to my 7th grade guys and how they comprehend it. Jack W

        My favorite moments of the night were seeing all of the kids run in to find their groups and giving them their outfits and having a big dance party the whole time. Natalie

         My favorite moment was drinking hot sauce and winning Name the Song with my girl Kara. Wash

        My favorite moment was Johnna’s talk and the conversations it sparked with my girls afterwards. Johnna painted such a genuine picture and my girls said that “It was the most relatable thing they ever heard.” Sophia

        I’ve never led 8th graders before and it was a whole new experience than I’m used to. There wasn’t really an exact favorite moment in the night but the small group time I had was unforgettable. Kibble

        Five other girls and I started Ride That Pony and by the end of free time there were over 30  people playing! It was so fun to see all the kids get into it and it showed a level of comfort and acceptance that they were willing to just jump in that is so unique. Lexi

        My favorite moment was when one of my girls talked to me about a difficult friendship. I was able to give her a shoulder to cry on, pray with her and give her some advice. Truly a great experience. Mack

        I loved going through the devotion book with all of my guys! The first devotion talked about how younger guys look up to you so I thought it was definitely applicable because the 8th boys look up to me and other kids look up to them. The short length was cool because I think it helped those guys see how easy it is to learn about Jesus every day. Jack D

        I loved the look in my girls eyes when I gave them their first Bibles. They especially loved them because I wrote a special note on the inside to show how loved they are by Jesus and their Wyld Life leaders. Elise Ruby 

        I for sure just loved seeing everyone getting so involved. So much laughter, dancing, and good loving! Maddie W

        Club was the best time ever because I got to bond with my girls and have a party with them! I didn’t know them before & now I feel like we’re all besties.  Brooke W

        During Campaigners when the girls had to write down people they felt safe or comfortable with in their book they wrote down my name. It was awesome. Elyse

        One of my favorite moments was when my girls and I were out dancing in a circle on the turf. It was so much fun to just laugh and mess around with them! Huffine

        I’d say my favorite moment was racing up and down the Inflatable slide with all my boys. We went up and down so many times. Just being reckless and wild with them was my favorite. Cam

        My favorite moment of last night was at the end of the night when one of my girls came up to me and said “Hey let’s hang out like all the time.” Maddie

        I loved having Campaigners and getting to give the girls their Bible study books and getting to know them more! Yashi

        My most favorite moment of the night was when we all were diving deep into our new books and seeing my girls take the leap of faith and share things about life. They all were relating to each other. Seeing that conversation was just so heartwarming and moving. Grace Tully

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